bullet Adverse Effects of Adjuvants in Vaccines
bullet Anthrax Vaccine Links and Information
bullet Autism: A Novel Form of Mercury Poisoning
bullet Autism Mercury - Lynn Redwood's site
bullet Auto Immunity, Vaccines & Autism
bullet Diseases & Symptoms Linked to Vaccines
bullet Dr. Mercola's Collection of Vaccination Articles
bullet F. E. Yazbak, MD, FAAP
bullet Gary Null Vaccine Articles & Resources
bullet Generation Rescue
bulletGlobal Vaccine Awareness League (GVAL)
bullet Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. (Vaccine Articles, Epidemiology, Vaccine-Induced Illness)
bullet Health World Vaccine Center (Extensive Articles about Vaccines, Including Legal Issues & Alternatives)
bullet Immunizations: The Best Medicine By Henry H. Bernstein, D.O.
bullet Just Say No To Vaccinations Web Page
Leading Edge Master Analysis of Vaccine Paradigm
bullet Mercury Poisoning News
bullet Mercury Policy Project
bullet MMR the Questions - Andrew Wakefield's site
bullet National Vaccine Information Center
bullet Neurological Complications of Vaccinations
bulletSafe Minds - Vaccine/Mercury induced Autism and Neurological Disorders
bullet Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute - Many articles, diseases linked to vaccines, etc.
bullet Thimerosal and Autism? - Commentary PEDIATRICS Vol. 111 No. 3 March 2003, pp. 674-679
bullet Thimerosal InfoCenter
bullet Vaccination Time Line
bullet Vaccinations - Deceptions & Tragedy (2-part article on hazards with links)
bullet Vaccine Reaction Registry
bullet Vaccinations - Shirley's Wellness Cafe
bullet Vaccine Debate -- Articles, Links, Q&A, etc.
bullet Vaccine Information & Awareness (VIA) (Extensive Links to Informational Sites)
bullet Vaccine Ingredients -- Formaldehyde (formalin), Mercury (thermasil), MSG (hydrolyzed geletin), aborted fetus tissue, etc.
bullet Vaccine News (Recent News -- National/State, Personal Stories, Links to U.S. State Organizations)
bullet Vacinnation Debate
bullet Vaccination State Laws and Exemptions (U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico)
bulletVaccine Safety Web Page (Articles on Vaccines and Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies, etc.)
bullet Vaccine Website - Excellent Articles, Links, Contaminants, Diseases, Industry Ploys, etc.
bullet Well Within: Vaccination (Extensive Article Collection on Vaccines, Diseases they Cause, and Comprehensive Links)

International Organzations

bullet Australia (South): Vaccine Information of South Australia (Newsletter)
bulletCanadian Vaccination Risk Awareness Network
bullet Canada: Eagle Foundation (Helping Vaccine Injured Families)
bullet Denmark VaccinesForum
bullet European Forum on Vaccine Vigilance
bullet French National League for Liberty in Vaccination
bullet Italian Vaccination Liberation Group
bullet Netherlands Association Critical of Vaccinations
bulletNew Zealand Vaccine Immunization Awareness Society
bulletUnited Kingdom Vaccine Awareness Network

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bullet Advocacy
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bullet Asperger Syndrome Advocates and Attorney's
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bulletDevelopmental Delay Resources (DDR)

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bullet Mental Health
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bullet Online Testing
bullet Police and Autism
bullet Private School's
bullet Psychologist's
bullet Refinance & Mortgage Guide for People with Disabilities
bullet Social Learning
bullet Special Education & Disability Law
bullet Speech & Language
bullet Tourettes Syndrome Plus - Leslie E. Packer, PhD.   

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