bullet A Day in the Life of Alex : Coping with Sensory Integration Dysfunction  Incorporating sensory integration activities into daily life by Dale Lips
bullet Auditory Processing Problems in Autism - the Sound Connection
bullet Auditory Processing Problems Linked to Dyslexia - the Sound Connection
bullet Comparison Table of Various Auditory Interventions
bullet Comparison Table: Music Processing and Types of Music Used by the Various Auditory Intervention Programs - the Sound Connection
bullet Earobics Auditory Development and Phonics Program  by Sally Brockett, M.S., Educational Consultant
bullet Frequently asked questions by the Sensory Integration International  -  The Ayres Clinic
bullet Free Computer Games To Build Auditory Skills - the Sound Connection
bullet How to Recognize Sensory Integration Difficulties in Your Child by Barbara Fowler
bullet KidPower  An resource for families seeking information and equipment to enhance sensory integration therapy.
bullet Marie's SI Site  A labor of love, created by one Mom's desire to educate and support parents who are parenting children with Sensory Integration issues. 
bullet 'Mozart Effect': Is There Truly an Effect?" - the Sound Connection
bullet Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention - the Sound Connection
bullet Scientists Discover New Gene Essential For The Development Of Normal Brain Connections Resulting From Sensory Input
bullet Sensory Integration by Cindy Hatch-Rasmussen, M.A., OTR/L
bullet Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Interview with Carol Kranowitz, the author of the popular book on sensory integration, The Out-of-Sync Child.
bullet Sensory Integration Disorder in Children Adopted from Institutions
Sensory integration issues of a post institutionlized child adopted from Eastern Europe. Harriet McCarthy
bullet Should You Request a Sensory Integration Evaluation for Your Child Adopted from an Institution? by Harriet McCarthy
Sensory Integration
bullet Sound Sensitivity: A Summary of Possible Causes by the Sound Connection
bullet Sound Sensitivity: What Does It Really Mean? Commentary by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
bullet Oral Defensiveness Activities 
bullet Tactile Defensiveness Activities 
bullet Tactile Defensiveness: Overly Sensitive to Touch  by By Toni Hager 1999
bullet 'Difficult' Child Could Have Unusual Disorder - Sensory Integration Dysfunction Connected To Brain by Health Watch
bullet Touchy-feely environment helps autistic children - Autistic children often do not interact well with the world around them; being unable to understand events in their immediate surroundings and lacking any sense of an ability to control or direct events. This inability to interact inhibits their mental development; precisely the problem that MEDIATE was designed to help ove.orge. The MEDIATE environment is a six-sided module about five metres across, which acts as a multi-sensory interactive environment for children. Designed for autistic children of primary-school age, the module was built with the help of psychologists from Kings College, Cambridge, and.orgprises a movement-sensing environment and touch-sensitive panels that react to the behaviour of the child who enters by Mediate
bullet Oral Defensiveness 


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