bullet A More Comprehensive Approach to Treating "Rage Attacks" /
My approach to working with children and teens with "rage attacks" by Leslie E. Packer, PhD
bullet Aggressive Behaviour in Children With Tourette Syndrome and Comorbid Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder by R. Stephens & P. Sandor - 1999
bullet Aggression, rage and dyscontrol in neurological diseases of children
J. Gosalakkal - 2003 
bullet Are There Warning Signs or Triggers to "Rage Attacks?" by  Leslie E. Packer, PhD
bullet Awareness During"Rage Attacks / STRATEGIES: FIRSTHAND ACCOUNTS by Leslie E. Packer, PhD
bullet Descriptions of "Rage Attacks" by Leslie E. Packer, PhD
bullet Descriptions of "Rage Attacks" Part 2 / PARENTS DESCRIBE THEIR CHILDREN'S EXPERIENCES by Leslie E. Packer, PhD
bullet Diagnosing vs. Explaining "Rage Attacks" / Labels don't explain by Leslie E. Packer, PhD
bullet How to Control Rage Attacks by Hal Brown, LICSW
bullet Office Rage Violence Increasing by Sullfolk Health Care
bullet Overview of "Rage Attacks" by  Leslie E. Packer, PhD
bullet Rage Attacks" and Personal Responsibility / IS THE INDIVIDUAL "RESPONSIBLE" FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR? by Leslie E. Packer, PhD
bullet Rage Attacks" in School by Leslie E. Packer, PhD
bullet Rage Attacks Over the Life Span / Are the episodes "outgrown?" by Leslie E. Packer, PhD
bulletSeparating The Child From The Rage by Children of Rage
bulletNever Mistake A Rage For A Tantrum
bulletTriggers And Positive Reinforcement At Rage Onset
bulletA Safe Place To Rage
bulletHow To Make Your Child Listen To You
bulletYour Journal
bulletThe Care And Feeding Of Parents
bulletVideo Tapes and Mirrors
bulletThe Old Vest
bulletBe Consistent
bulletWhy Does My Child Rage?
bullet-Traumatic Brain Injury
bullet-Alphabet Soup
bullet-Traumatic Brain Injury
bullet-Outside Stimulus
bulletA. Things you eat and drink.
bulletB. Things you breathe in and/or absorb.
bulletC. Things your body does to you.
bulletD. Things your body reacts to that you don't know you are doing to it.


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