bullet Asperger Syndrome, Employment, & Social Security Benefits by Kate Collins-Wooley, Ph.D.
bullet Asperger Syndrome: Put Those Kids To Work! by Dan Coulter 2004
bullet 'Attentive' cubicles help workers focus in busy offices / An "attentive" office cubicle that blocks noise and visual distractions when you're trying to work, and then opens.orgmunication channels when you’re ready to socialize, is just one of the innovative new devices developed by Queen’s University’s Human Media Laboratory (HML). - Inventions from the Human Media Laboratory to date have been effective in improving social interactions between individuals and groups, and in augmenting people’s perceptual capabilities. The next step, says the HML director, is to develop clinical devices for treatment of attention-related disorders, by Queens University
bullet Choosing the Right Job for People with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome by Temple Grandin, Ph.D.
bullet Company prefers dyslexic employees ~ UK
bullet Educational and Employment Experiences of Adults - Paper by Sarah Boslaugh
bullet ‘Employment Champions’ for autism sought - If you have a manager or an employer who you feel has been a champion when it.orges to employing people Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) then a national charity wants to hear from you.
bullet Facing up to disability problem - Business bosses face potential problems if disability means an employee can no longer do their job, despite any 'reasonable adjustment' the employer might make to try to resolve things.  Solicitors Williamson and Soden warn that the Disability Discrimination Act, which came into full force on October 1, requires the employer to consider transferring the disabled worker to a different job.
bullet Giving hope to disadvantaged job seekers by Cathy Carroll
bullet Gourmet Food and a Helping Hand Although autism is not a mental illness, this article from the "Christian Science Monitor" shows what can happen when a.orgmunity works together to provide vocational support for individuals with disabilities.
bullet Helping Students with AS Prepare for the Workplace by Julie Coulter
bullet HHS Celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month - HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson and Margaret Giannini, M.D., Director, Office on Disability, will host a celebration to.orgmemorate October's National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Secretary Thompson will present the Secretary's Highest Recognition Award to the honorees, who have aided the advances of the Americans with Disabilities Act and President Bush's New Freedom Initiative. The New Freedom Initiative is aimed at eliminating barriers that keep Americans with disabilities from participating fully in.orgmunity life by Yahoo Finance / Press Release
bullet Hints For Employers by Anonymous
bullet Job Club rekindles hopes for employment - For Matthew Connell, this has been a pretty lousy year. He was laid off in March from his $29,000-a-year call center job for an Internet service provider. After that, he spent some time learning the home loan brokerage business, but that effort did not pan out. After running out of savings and reaching the limit on his credit cards, his family went on welfare in October. And then last month, an arsonist torched one of the family's vehicles outside their Carmichael apartment, by Bill Lindelof
bullet NY Firm's Disabled Workers Serve as an Example And an Inspiration -  Thomas P. Rosicki of Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates has a unique approach for inspiring his employees. With offices in Carle Place, Central Islip, Fishkill and Buffalo, the firm, led by Mr. Rosicki and his wife, Cynthia, employs about 230 people. Ten percent of the workers are disabled, by Andrew Harris
bullet Survival In The Workplace Stephen' Shore's story and some ideas for making it through the day
bullet The Gear Foundation Everyone in a.orgmunity benefits when adults with disabilities Gain Employment And Respect. GEAR is in Tennessee and is a model for.orgmunities to assist in employing the disabled.
bullet Working With a Disability Having a disability doesn't need to keep one from having a productive career. Many people with disabilities can work and the jobs they can hold vary with each individual's abilities and limitations. An article from the Career Planning guide at About explains the laws that protect a disabled person's ability to work.


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