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bullet 100+ Questions To Ask A Private School by Steve Dykstra, MS, CH, CCC/SLP
bullet A bit of calm in the playground by F2 Network
bullet A Community of Friends and Classmates by Suki Casanave
bullet A Introductory letter to other Parents by Linda and Larry Newland
bullet A new school mate / Steven Brechin joins his wife, Chancellor Nancy Cantor, at SU  - "...Archie has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism that affects how a person.orgmunicates and relates to others, his father says," by Laura T. Ryan
bullet A special challenge by Cathy Flynn
bullet ACADEMIC’S triumph over autism offers hope to others - ... Grandin, an associate professor in the Animal Science Department at Colorado State University, has turned her struggle with autism into a life of hard work by Santa Cruz Sentinel
bullet Administrative Judge to Decide Diploma Dispute.  Parents say high school shuffled their son through the system. - "Sammons, 19, was diagnosed as a child with Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism, and was placed in the county's exceptional student education (ESE) program as a kindergartner, said Bill Sammons, a.orgmercial real estate broker in Lakeland. ...Mark Kamleiter, the Sammonses' lawyer, said Drew Sammons doesn't demonstrate any of the knowledge he should have gotten out of a high school education, making his diploma worthless.," by Julia Crouse
bullet Against Schools How public education cripples our kids, and why By John Taylor Gatto
bullet American Rhythms | Reading can slow 'summer slide' - "It was 7 minutes after midnight. The dog was lying on the grass in the middle of the lawn in front of Mrs. Shears' house. Its eyes were closed. It looked as if it was running on its side, the way dogs run when they think they are chasing a cat in a dream. But the dog was not running or asleep. The dog was dead.  So begins one of my daughter's summer homework assignments. The disarmingly creative and touching novel by Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, about a 15-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome, was one of three books on her reading list," by Jane Eiser
bullet Asperger education project - LIFESTYLERS gave an informative talk to more than 20 people on Asperger Syndrome in Driffield on Friday afternoon. The Pre Teen Braves spoke to people at the National Children's Charity, on Middle Street North.  The group, consisting of Abigail Hudson, 10, Sarah Beach, 12, James Singleton, 11, and Lewis Hudson, 12, have been busy all summer giving talks on the subject. Christine Mackay, adult supervisor, said: "They have chosen this subject because Lewis has Aspergers and people do not realise because it is not a visual condition. "They treat him as if he is naughty so they wanted to raise awareness. "More and more children are being diagnosed with it so things are improving but more needs to be done."
bullet Asperger's Syndrome and Pursuing Eligibility for Services: The Case of the "Perfect Misplacement"
bullet Asberger's Syndrome: Breaking Through Impenetrable Barriers - Some students linger long after they have disappeared from view. They are reminders of what could have been done had we just been able to reach them, had they only been able to take advice and understand that college was a serious business, beyond what was accepted and understood in high school. In the weeks after they walk away and land themselves on the front page of the college newspaper, you will wonder what you could have done had you been fully understood what they were fighting against to show up to class each day. / Christopher J. Stephens is an adjunct college English instructor for Northeastern University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Western New England College, and Corinthian Colleges, Inc.
bullet ASPERGER SYNDROME: Classroom Success Next Year by Dan Coulter 2004
bullet Asperger syndrome from childhood into adulthood by Dr.Tom Berney / Advances in Psychiatric Treatment (2004)
bullet Asperger Syndrome: Put Those Kids To Work! by Dan Coulter 2004
bullet Ami Klin, Ph.D. and Fred R. Volkmar, M.D.,Yale Child Study Center written for ASPEN 
bullet Autistic boy finds niche in robotics.orgpetition by
bullet Autistic student's mother defends her demands She says system failed to educate her son adequately by Jan Boyles
bullet Autistic Twins Beat the Odds - This Christmas will be a special one for two area twins. Adam and Amanda Wessel are eighth graders at Decatur Middle School. This week a holiday benefit will be held in their honor.Adam and Amanda have ove.orge many obstacles in their young lives. “I really didn't know anything was wrong after they got out of the hospital until they were about a year and a half and then started seeing them slide backwards and losing everything they had gained and that's when I was really worried,” said their mother, Karen Sanderson, by Shana Kelly
bullet AUTISM - A POLITICAL BOMBSHELL " NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND"? President Bush unwilling to address this National Tragedy. Parents are outraged - Autism has hit epidemic levels with no end in sight. The President has failed to address this National Tragedy....WHY ? There are 25 facts that will leave the American people asking questions. New Book Titled, Mercury: The Winged Messenger presents these 25 facts and others. - Press Release
bullet Autism and Asperger Syndrome: Overview and Classroom Strategies by Mike Connor. An Educational Psychologist provides lots of helpful advice aimed primarily at teachers of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in mainstream schools. The article is a useful introduction for any teacher unfamiliar with ASD.
bullet Autism and the Inclusion Mandate by ANN CHRISTY DYBVIK / Education Next - Winter 2004
bullet Autism: Collier educators seeing more students with autism by Ray Parker
bullet AUTISM diagnoses race ahead of funding for special education - The number of Pennsylvania schoolchildren diagnosed with autism disorders has doubled in four years, but concerns about the rapid rise in one of the most expensive student populations haven't prompted changes in the laws that fund special education.  There has been no movement at the state level to change the way districts receive special education subsidies, which are based on a flat percentage of the student population by Jo Ciavaglia
bullet Autism expert shares life story as illustration - Parents and special-education teachers from throughout the South Bay flocked to Santa Clara University on Saturday for a conference on autism, an increasingly diagnosed neurological disorder that can affect everything from speech development to social interaction.
The highlight was a lecture by Temple Grandin, a woman who is autistic herself yet able to explain how her brain functions in a way that is fascinating to the general public, by Dana Hull
bullet Autism Intervention & Strategies for Success Cooperative Educational Service Agency #7 Department of Special Education. Susan Stokes, Autism Consultant 2001  This Publication was funded by the Wisconsin Department of Public.  Instruction through IDEA Discretionary Grant # 2000-9907-21
bullet Autism: Learn and Educate Yourself, Part 2 by Fredalynn Mortera Hecita, KUAM News
bullet Autism Preschool / Local school still has two opening for this academic year - "There is exciting news for area families with autistic preschoolers. There's now a special preschool to help them grow and learn all year long. We told you about the SAIL program earlier this summer. It had been a summer program, but starting next week, it's year round. The year-long SAIL program will have room for eight children, who'll spend six hours a day, five days a week at the school. The work will continue to be one-on-one with the children," by ABC 13 News / Toledo, Ohio
bullet AUTISM program on brink / Halton school board criticizes clawback - It could also mean the end of Ontario's first transition centre for autistic students. The centre was to have opened at St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School in Burlington this month, Education Director Lou Piovesan said yesterday. Proposed changes to school transportation funding could cost the board another $769,104 if they're implemented next year, he added. "Our board has consistently acted in a very fiscally responsible manner and has continually met all of the criteria established by the Ministry of Education," said Piovesan. "We had planned to further expand services for autistic students, but these plans will have to be drastically curtailed if these funds are not restored by TESS KALINOWSKI
bullet Autism school to celebrate new home - The A Better Chance School has been up and running for seven years, but now that teachers and students are settled into their new facility, an open house and dedication ceremony are planned for Thursday.  Principal Laura Briggin has been with the school since it opened. It is a place where children and young adults who have been diagnosed with autism or a similar developmental disability can reach their full potential, by West County Times
bullet Autistic boy begins new life - "About 1,700 of the state's children in public schools have been diagnosed with autism. Some of those students will be in a special classroom with a small number of children with a similar diagnosis.  But the Ethans of the world, children who are considered high-functioning autistic, will take seats in regular classes. Some will work on their own; others, like Ethan, will need help from a full-time classroom assistant," by Monica Mendoza
bullet Autistic teenager accused of assault  / Clovis boy faces charge that he attacked teacher - A criminal case against a Clovis High School teen with Asperger's disorder is raising alarm among autism experts in California who say that such prosecution sets a dangerous precedent by Erin Kennedy
bullet Beth Israel program makes learning special for all students - "... So this fall Beth Israel launched its Special Learners Program for children in kindergarten through seventh grade who have moderate learning disabilities. The program offers a course of Jewish learning and offers bar or bat mitzvah training," by Linda Tishler Levinson
bullet Blinded By Their Strengths: The Topsy-Turvy World of Asperger's Syndrome by Diane Twachtman-Cullen
bullet Asperger's Syndrome Guide For Teachers Written by the parents of OASIS Asperger Syndrome Forum Compiled and Edited by Elly Tucker
bullet Back-to-school primer - "With school just two weeks away, students and their parents have plenty to do to make the transition a smooth one. There are long lists of school supplies to buy and organize, doctors' visits to make, summer homework assignments to finish, lunch plans to work out and, yes, sleep patterns to adjust," by the Journal News
bullet Boy locked in cage by school for burping By Kathryn Shine /
bullet Boy shares struggle with life - "James Williams was an academic star but an emotional wreck. His parents and teachers didn't understand why the elementary school student couldn't make friends or why he would succeed in class and then go home and cry. His mother tried switching his school and was near her wits' end when a teacher pulled her aside and said James showed signs of mild autism. He was formally diagnosed with the developmental disorder Asperger syndrome, which felt like a relief and a sentence," by Leanne Libby Caller
bullet BOY'S SPECIAL SCHOOL BLOW - "September 2004 A Teenager with special educational needs has been told he must stay in a mainstream school, even though he barely manages to attend because of his problems. Tim Marchant's parents are at their wits' end after a tribunal ruled their son, who has multiple conditions, would have to stay at the Ridings High School, at Winterbourne," by Lynn Hutchinson / Bristol,England,UK
bullet Boy with disability banned from playground - "By banning the kid from the most social part of the day, you're ensuring that he won't be able to learn social skills. It's almost like saying, 'You don't know math, so we're not letting you in the math class,'" said Wayne Gilpin, president of Future Horizons in Texas, which publishes books and holds conferences on autism and Asperger's syndrome by Sarah Leitch
bullet Buddy-of-the-Week Program by Anne Reel
bullet Bullying of autistic students 'ignored' - More than half of all students with autism are being bullied at school every week, but angry parents claim teachers are not doing enough to stamp it out. The shock finding follows interviews with 1700 families on school satisfaction levels. A report to be released today by the Parent Autism Education Committee shows 70 per cent of parents do not believe schools are taking enough action on bullying of students with disabilities. Frustrated parents have also.orgplained some teachers do not accept disability and have accused individuals of behaving poorly towards their autistic sons and daughters.  Between 54 and 70 per cent of parents did not believe schools were doing enough to address their child's academic difficulties,.orgmunication, sensory needs, behavioural problems, physical wellbeing, mental health, bullying or social difficulties.
bullet Camp draws kids from their shells - Autistic children have growing number of options in the Triangle by Bonnie Rochman
bullet Camp Awareness fills a need for autistic youngsters - Wooded site, home to several summer camps, will we.orge autistic campers this month by Holly VanSlambrook
bullet Camp Teaches Autistic Children How to Fit In - "For children with Asperger's Syndrome and other mild forms of autism, the world can be an u.orgfortable place. These kids have a hard time picking up the social skills that.orge naturally to most people. They get teased at school, often cruelly.  NPR's Joseph Shapiro recently visited an unusual summer camp for such children in Washington, D.C. It was designed to teach crucial social skills -- like how to carry on a simple conversation, or talk on the phone, and, most of all, how to make friends," by NPR
bullet Can a town discriminate against an AS child who is home schooled and ban him from public areas?  The Gayle Fitzpatrick story. Her story.  How you can help!
bullet Canines help kids in the classroom By Linda McIntosh
bullet Camp Helps Children Conquer Social Disabilities By Arielle Levin Becker - "Liam has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism in which the child functions at a high level."
bullet Children on the autistic - Guidelines for mainstream practice - Gradually, pupils with autism or Asperger syndrome are being included in mainstream situations. Michael Connor presents a set of guidelines for practitioners unfamiliar with these conditions. The detailed strategies are not intended as a blueprint but provide a useful body of information for constructing school-based strategies by Michael Conner
bullet Children with Asperger's Syndrome: Characteristics/Learning Styles and Intervention Strategies by Susan Stokes, Autism Consultant
bullet Cleaning up for class - T.J. Christensen squeezed the pink sponge dry as he held it over the Three Rivers School sink. He'd been working throughout the day, taking out trash, shoveling snow and wiping a classroom mirror clean. T.J. is not the school custodian. He's in the third grade. Like other students at Three Rivers, he's pitching in with cleaning duties at the school. Students sweep floors, vacuum and do other tasks at a time when custodians throughout the district are struggling to get the job done, by Julia Lyon
bullet Creative partners needed - Imagine dropping off your third-grader at school, Powerpuff Girls lunchbox in hand, only to have the teacher close the door on her. Imagine then heading to the park, where your child sits watching other kids play because the swings and slides won't work for her. And imagine heading into the office later to discover a phone, copier and.orgputer you were unable to use. Hard to picture? Not for the nearly 22 percent of Floridians with a disability.By Robert G. Frank
bullet Dealing with Difference:  Diagnostic Labels, the Hunter-Farmer Metaphor, and Self-Referential Terms of Identity and Affiliation by Margi Nowak

Demand on special ed is growing - Schools grapple with degree to which they're responsible for social, as well as academic, skills - "She was a bright 9-year-old with a high IQ and a flair for creative writing.  When she grew anxious and refused to do homework, her parents and school were at a loss. No one considered it a learning disability, until sixth grade when she tried to.orgmit suicide. She was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a neurological disorder that can interfere with basic social skills," by Sarah B. Miller


Dempsey sending children back to school wthout special needs resources- Enright - "In little over two weeks time, many schools will be returning after the summer holidays with even less support for children with special educational needs than they had last year because of Education Minister, Noel Dempsey's litany of i.orgpetence, Fine Gael Spokesperson on Education and Science, Olwyn Enright TD said today (Friday).- Ireland


Diagnosis: Autism - What

bullet Deer Hill class inspired by girl's book on autism by Mary Ford
bullet Disabled students denied extra time for admission exam - "An Oakland judge has refused to grant more time on the national medical school entrance exam to two learning-disabled students who say their inability to read fast enough to finish the test doesn't reflect their potential skills as doctors," by Bob Egelko
bullet Disorder Overtaking Special Ed - A year at Yale University costs about $12,000 less than it costs to educate one student with autism disorders in a Bucks or Montgomery County school system. Districts can spend $50,000 a year educating a child with this lifelong disorder that impairs.orgmunication and social interaction skills by JO CIAVAGLIA AND MARION CALLAHAN
bullet Do I Have To Go To School Today?  by Jacqui Jackson
bullet Double Inequity, Redoubled Critique: Twice-Exceptional (Gifted + Learning Disabled) Students, the Equality Ideal, and the Reward Structure of the Educational System
The following paper was presented at the 2001 annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C., as part of a session sponsored by the Council on Anthropology and Education devoted to the theme of "Framing, Defining, and Analyzing Inequality: Dilemmas and Innovations."  By Margi Nowak, Ph.D.
bullet DVD used to educate teachers about experiences of disabled students - "A new DVD has been produced by the Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA) to give teachers and support staff working in post-school education and training a better insight into the needs of disabled students," by
bullet Dwindling Resources, Diminishing Expectations - Teachers talk about how their schools and classrooms have changed. We have all kinds of syndromes now. There is classic autism and Asperger's, and genetic syndromes--beyond Down syndrome, more unusual, rare syndromes.
bullet Early intervention gives kids with autism an edge - The relationship between parent and child is at the center of one school’s push to help children with autism and their families lead better lives. In the Bay School’s new early intervention program, specialists help young children with autism reach levels that allow them to enter traditional schools while training parents to properly respond to their child’s particular needs. Until now, Bay School’s curriculum had focused more on grade school-aged students to adolescents. Only two months into the new program, those who started it are encouraged. "Parents.orge here to learn about what all parents with autistic children face, which in turn creates an automatic support group," said Bay School executive director Ethan Long.
bullet Early to bed, early to rise - "Although some students, such as Lauren, enjoy smooth transitions, getting kids back on a school-friendly sleep cycle can be a challenge as carefree summer evenings turn into schedule-bound school nights," by Ann Schimke
bullet Education on autism -  A Huntington man will be featured in an u.orging series on NBC’s "Today" show to help educate and provide hope to people with autism and their families, says the show’s producer. Donald Harvey, 38, of Huntington was filmed Tuesday doing his daily activities, including getting ready in the morning, going to the YMCA, and running the vacuum cleaner at the Radisson Hotel Huntington, by The Herald-Dispatch
bullet Education Strategies For Special Needs Individuals By Lena M. Mahathor
bullet Educational Problems: It's the Kids' Fault; Learning Problems at School: Whose FAULT Is It? by Pamela Darr Wright, M.A., M.S.W., Licensed Clinical Social Worker
bullet Educating the Student with Asperger Syndrome - Courtesy of Saskatchewan Education Special Education Unit, Canada
bullet Educators to discuss mental health funding options - Several North County school district superintendents will meet Wednesday to begin mapping out a plan to deal with San Diego County's decision to abandon mental health services for special education students, officials said Monday. Educators have lined up to oppose the county's bid to drop the $10 million program. In abandoning the services, county officials placed the blame on Sacramento, saying the state has failed for years to fund the pricey program by Ben Frumen
bullet Exploration of Strategies for Facilitating the Reading Comprehension of High-Functioning Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Irene M. O'Connor, Perry D. Klein - 4/2004 
bullet Empathy part of life’s lessons.  Incident drives parent to teach students sensitivity toward disabled peers by By JENNIFER BOOTH REED
bullet Exams are Easier - "...She said: "I had to catch up with the work I missed." Jos Gibbons, 15, who has Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism, added two AS levels to his two A-levels in maths and the A* in GCSE maths he passed at primary school," by Justine Smith
bullet Executive Functioning - Zero tolerance and Special Education by Alex Michaels
bullet Family withdraws child, action against OR schools by Jenifer Fern
bullet Familiarity = Safety: Transition for the AS Student by Dot Lucci
bullet Federal officials tutor teachers about No Child Left Behind law By Eleanor Chute, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
bullet Feelings and Their Expression - The Critical Role of Behavioral Intervention Plans
bullet For some districts, it's cost vs. quality - To save money, school officials need to get smarter about autism, advocates say.  Faced with rapidly rising numbers of children with autism, school districts are exploring the cost effectiveness of providing some special education programs themselves.  "You don't have to provide the Mercedes Benz, but you have to provide the Buick - and that is reasonable," said David Bollinger, director of administrative services for Council Rock School District, which had 118 students with autism disorders last year, more than any other Bucks district by Jo Ciavaglia
bullet Friendship facilitators give camp kids a .orgfort zone’  - "..."All kids should go to camp," Turner said, adding that she did not send him to camp last summer because she was worried the integration issue would be too difficult for him. He has as Asperger syndrome, a behavioral/emotional disorder characterized by a heightened degree of social, and sometimes physical, awkwardness. Some children are shut out from the experience because "they don’t have the intuitive sense of how to deal with other kids," she said. "I wanted him to have a social experience," by Timothy Churchill
bullet Finding a Better Way to Play For Students With Disabilities
bullet Genius May Be an Abnormality: Educating Students with Asperger's Syndrome, or High Functioning Autism by Temple Grandin, Ph.D.
bullet GIRL skipped 111 school sessions - "...She said the girl's problems first surfaced when her older brother, who was epileptic and had attention deficit hyperactivity dis-order, was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. The problems worsened when her brother was taken into care, after his mother was unable to cope," by Samantha Clarke
bullet Giving up on kids is easy, but they're worth our effort -  We need to be tougher on these bad school kids. They want to constantly disrupt class? Suspend them. If that doesn't work, expel them.  An alternative school? Forget it. They don't deserve second and third chances. Besides, who wants to pay for a school for losers?  Odell Lucas, director of Jackson Academy, an alternative middle school, has heard this many times.  "You're right about people's perceptions," she said as we sat in her office. "People say they've all been to jail. They say the students don't care. Some folks feel their families are all to blame." It's just not that simple, she says, by Wil LaVeist
bullet Help kids live with exclusion by Joyce Gemperlein
bullet Helping Children with Autism Learn by Bryna Siegel, Ph.D.
bullet Helping their heads to look ahead by Dr. Mel Levine
bullet Helping Your Child to Help Him/Her Self:Beginning Self-Advocacy by Stephen Shore
bullet High cost education -  "A year at Yale University is cheaper than what it can cost to educate one student with autism disorders for one year in the Bucks County school system. School districts can spend at least $50,000 a year educating a child with this lifelong disorder that impairs.orgmunication and social interaction skills," by
bullet High cost of special ed puts halt to new schools - "New Jersey officials have called for a temporary moratorium on any new special education schools, hoping to stem the rising use of these costly programs," by John Mooney

Home schooling and Autistic Spectrum Disorder


How "Educational Assessments" Skew Autism Prevalence Rates - During an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting with our local school district, one of the teachers suggest that my younger son was autistic. This surprised me because we had just provided a letter from a well-respected developmental pediatrician that specified why the boy not meet the diagnostic criteria for autism. In response to my concerns, the teacher and school psychologist explained that he met the criteria for autism as determined in Oregon under a federal law called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), by James R. Laidler, M.D.



bullet Igniting Their Writing: The Struggle to Get Ideas on Paper by Dr. Mel Levine
bullet In Search of a Great Summer Program: One Parent's Solution by Grace Peng
bullet Jonathan, 8, making strides despite autism - Jonathan has made great strides this year.  The 8-year-old boy (Case J22) currently lives with his parents. Jonathan is autistic and attends a special education school, where he also receives help for his attention deficient disorder, by
bullet Just Give them a Pill - ABC's and 123's- all across this nation our public schools are reaping what we've so carelessly sown as parents. There are sixth graders having sex before.orgprehension of consequences, and there are seventh grade students lying in hospital beds after a Wednesday morning "cat fight" at a local Jr. High School. We have first graders lashing out in anger at their teachers, and we have police officers being called in because fourth grade students are threatening their teachers with physical harm. Jr. Highs are practicing lockdowns as routinely as fire drills. High Schools have weapons and narcotic shakedowns on a regular basis to keep the students under control. Almost every campus in America--from high school down to grade school--have police officers patrolling their campuses, ticking their walks to the beat of our school time clocks. America's children are exploding emotionally. What are we as their parents going to do? by Kerry Marsala
bullet Knowing your ABCs is all it takes to help kids with autism learn
bullet Letter: Work with parents on problems - Re: "How can we improve our schools?" (A question Collin County Opinions has asked readers in the past few weeks.) by Dalles
bullet Leaving Baltimore: Finding a home; Searching for a new beginning - "...Karih suffers from a form of autism known as Asperger's Syndrome.  The condition leaves the child with challenges learning how to play and interact with other children. He was initially placed in a special needs class, but this year, after testing confirming his suitability, he was placed in a regular class at Sandy Hill Elementary," by
bullet Liaisons offer resources, understanding / Although it took nearly a year of training, special education parent liaisons Sue Widenski and Sue Williams are getting the word out about how they can help special needs students, their parents and their teachers. -  One of the Widenskis' children was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth and they were contacted shortly after that by the Wisconsin Down Syndrome Association.  "Other (disabilities) like autism don't show up until later. They think they have a typical child and all of a sudden they're told your child has this and you have no idea where to turn," Widenski said, by Lake County Reporter
bullet Lorman Education Services Presents 'Individuals With Asperger Syndrome Or High Functioning Autism: Understanding' Seminar on November 11, 2005  - This "Individuals With Asperger Syndrome Or High Functioning Autism: Understanding" seminar is designed to provide information regarding strategies and interventions that will lay the groundwork for integrated,.orgprehensive and proactive services, thus maximizing the potential of individuals with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism. - Lorman Education Services presents "Individuals With Asperger Syndrome Or High Functioning Autism: Understanding" seminar on November 11, 2005. This seminar is designed to provide information regarding strategies and interventions that will lay the groundwork for integrated,.orgprehensive and proactive services, thus maximizing the potential of individuals with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism. Students diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism have.orgplex profiles and needs. School personnel, first responders and family members need to understand the assets and needs of these individuals if they are to interact effectively with them. This seminar is designed to provide information regarding strategies and interventions that will lay the groundwork for integrated,.orgprehensive and proactive services, thus maximizing the potential of individuals with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism. / Release
bullet Matching Strategies in Cognitive Research with Individuals with High-Functioning Autism: Current Practices, Instrument Biases, and R.orgmendations /  Special Issue: Research Methodology—Matching by Laurent Mottron - 2/2004 
bullet Memories are Made of This: Schools as an Unending Test of Remembering and What to do About It by Dr. Mel Levine
bullet Methodological Issues in Group-Matching Designs: α Levels for Control Variable Comparisons and Measurement Characteristics of Control and Target Variables / Special Issue: Research Methodology—Matching by Carolyn B. Mervis, Bonita P. Klein-Tasman - 2/2004 
bullet Misunderstood Minds by Dr. Mel Levine
bullet Model Bill of Rights for People Receiving Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology Services
bullet Mother chides board / She is unhappy with a school's treatment of her son, 10, who has ADHD - "A mother embroiled in a legal battle with the school system confronted the Manatee County School Board during its meeting Monday, claiming the district is wasting money opposing her son's right to a special education plan," by Michael Barber
bullet Mother sues, alleges abuse in special education - Today Ann Gaydos looks back in horror and asks herself how she could have kept sending her child back into that classroom. Her daughter, Paige, has a form of autism that put her in a special education class in Cupertino. Over several months, Gaydos said, Paige's teacher subjected her to a series of abuses -- ranging from pushing her to the floor and sitting on her, to rubbing a burrito in her face. Gaydos has filed a civil suit to be heard in November against Cupertino Union School District, for unspecified damages. Neither district officials nor the teacher, Karen Miller, would discuss the allegations. But in court filings, both parties deny them by Larry Slonaker
bullet Motor skills related to how children learn - Educated Opinion by the Sun Herald
bullet My Life with Autism:  Implications For Educators by Stephen Shore
bullet NEIU chief: Special chairs no inherent problem - In February -- nearly five months after the Lackawanna County district attorney's office began investigating allegations a teacher was tying autistic students to wooden support chairs -- parent Kathleen Walsh asked the Abington Heights School Board to remove the chairs from autistic classes by Lauren Roth
bullet New preschool includes all - Carlsbad Unified School District officials and teachers say they've taken another step to make sure children with special needs are fully and.orgpletely included in the classroom and learning, by Tim Mayer
bullet New special school for autistic kids to open in Bt Batok in July - SINGAPORE: A new special school for autistic children will be ready next July. It's part of a S$220m package over four years for special schools announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong over the weekend, by Ca-Mie De Souza
bullet New UO program trains autism specialists - The University of Oregon this week will launch the state's first teacher training program dedicated solely to preparing specialists in autism, a perplexing neurological disorder affecting an increasing number of children. Project PASS (Preparing Autism Specialists for Schools) aims to boost the ranks both locally and statewide of educators trained to identify and work effectively with children with autism, said Dr. Cindy Herr, assistant professor and research associate in the College of Education's secondary special education department by Anne Williams
bullet Nine Assumptions of Schooling - and Twenty-one Facts the Institution Would Rather Not Discuss  by John Taylor Gatto
bullet "No Child Left Behind" Keeps Many From Being Successful - "The No Child Left Behind Act is supposed to ensure that all children are successful learners. But as long as kids are required to learn material they are not ready for or that is being taught in a way that is counter to their learning styles, more and more students will continue to be left behind," by PRWeb - Press Release
bullet No Child rules worry special-ed teachers - "..."Learning British literature or calculus will not help my students," she said. "I would be better off taking classes on Asperger's syndrome instead of spending a lot of study and time on something I won't teach," by Monica Von Dobeneck and Jan Murphy
bullet No Joking Matter Written by Bruce Leshan
bullet One family reaches new heights in child's education, while another continues to struggle with system by Donna Newman
bullet Optimistic Views on School Services for Autism -  Dear Readers, I received several interesting responses to last week's column on Fairfax County's efforts to serve students with autism, a.orgplex developmental disability that affects an individual's capacity to interact and.orgmunicate with others, by Jay Mathews
bullet Pain, Waste, and The Hope for a Better Future.. "Invisible Disabilities" In the Educational System by Margi Nowak, PhD
bullet Parent Perspective: How one parent brought Schools Attuned to her child’s school by Leslie Williamson
bullet Parental involvement a key to No Child Left Behind law - ""Parental advocacy is a pillar of No Child Left Behind," said Joanne Webb, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Education. Parents who are empowered with this information can insist upon improvement in schools and have some say-so in how their children are educated.," by DAVID MCKAY WILSON
bullet Parents key to class design District's Autism Spectrum Program to be at Lakeridge - "ASD includes a continuum of traits that characterize the most profoundly physically and mentally retarded person, to the most able, highly intelligent person who is unable to interact normally with others. Language, writing, numbers sense or physical coordination may be intact or delayed or abnormal to any degree in a person who is autistic. Within these variations there is a core of what researchers sometimes call a "triad of impairments" -- in social interaction,.orgmunication and imaginative activity. The school district.orgmittee had the unwieldy title "Low Incident/High Impact Committee," which refers to the fact that the number of children who need special education services are small, but their needs and impact are greater than normally developing children. The.orgmittee met over several months to research, justify and design a new program. The new program, called Spectrum, will initially serve about a dozen children at Lakeridge Elementary School and will begin this fall," by Mary L. Grady
bullet Parents take to the streets against strikers by Raymond Duncan & Damien Henderson The Herald - UK
bullet Parents watch children progress - "...He finished the school year, but that summer doctors diagnosed Albert with Asperger's syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified, forms of autism. At 6, he had a 21/2-year developmental delay.  Albert is 9 now. He attends a Bucks County Intermediate Unit autistic support program for children with Asperger's, the same one he has attended since first grade," by Jo Ciavaglia
bullet Parker's "Miracle" was an education - For instance, the actress is proud of her work in "Miracle Run," a new Lifetime film at 9 tonight. Parker plays Corrine, a single mother of autistic twins in a drama based on a true story by Steve Hedgpedth
bullet Percpectives on Autism by Lars Perner, Ph.D.
bullet Physician-Parents Head Back to School to Solve Learning Problems / Doctor-parents Fernette and Brock Eide solve their family's own learning challenges and help other children by merging education, neurology, medicine, and psychology. Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide were University of Chicago physicians when one of their children began having problems at school. When they sought help, they found conventional approaches frustrating. Fernette, a neurologist recalls, "We were shocked to find out how little specific help we could find for our son. We were in the perfect place to get any expert we could, but we were handed behavioral checklists and standardized IQ tests that we knew weren't going to get to the heart of his problem. We knew we wanted help, but we needed someone who would take the time to get to know him as a person, and understand his unique neurobiological, medical, psychosocial, and educational issues. Was that too much to ask?" Apparently it was. The Eides eventually found their own answers to help him, but in so doing realized the great need to provide children with an individualized approach to their problems, by PRWEB / Press Release
bullet Psychopharmacology: Disability Law and the Administration of Psychotropic Medication in the School Setting by James F. Luebbert, M.D., Richard P. Malone, M.D. and Len Rieser, J.D.
bullet Places in Hell by Tricia and Calvin Luker
bullet Private school offers program to meet needs of autistic kids / Independent setup is first of its kind in M.orgb -  A private kindergarten through eighth-grade school in Washington Township is offering a new alternative for parents of autistic children this fall by Janet Sugameli
bullet Program helps students with special needs fit in by Adam Townsend
bullet Public schools no place for teachers' kids - More than 25 percent of public school teachers in Washington and Baltimore send their children to private schools, a new study reports by George Archibald
bullet Put your autistic children into a primary school or we'll prosecute, families are told - "Parents who set up a special school for their autistic children have been threatened with prosecution for failing to send them to a mainstream primary school," by David Harrison, BBC News UK
bullet Report says NJ lags in mainstreaming special ed students - New Jersey buses more special education students to classes outside their districts than any other state in the nation and classifies a disproportionate number of minority students as disabled, according to a state watchdog agency. The findings are part of a new report by the state Council on Developmental Disabilities, which blames the state for not doing enough to integrate special-needs children into regular classrooms by Angela Delli Santi
bullet Research Methodology—Matching by Jacob A. Burack / Editorial - 2/2004
bullet Relationship among student, parent and teacher requires trust, respect - Starting a dialogue with teachers early in a child's education and continuing the relationship during critical middle school and high school years can go a long way toward keeping small concerns from b.orging big problems by Tracy Wong Biggs
bullet Researcher says home environment affects student performance - Even if schools had enormous budgets to educate poor students, they still couldn’t level those students’ test scores with those of wealthy students, a researcher testified on Monday in a school finance trial by Elizabeth Pearson
bullet Rethink how schools funded, urges head - A radical rethink of educational funding in Northern Ireland needs to take place immediately, a school principal claimed today by Kathryn Torney
bullet Schoolyard allowed to bar autistic boy / Maine court finds testing justified - "Jan Rankowski, an autistic boy in Falmouth, Maine, should not return to the town's only public-school playground, a judge ruled yesterday, saying that the 9-year-old posed "a significant risk" to the health and safety of other children and the adults supervising them," by Jenn Abelson
bullet Segregated Learning Hurts Social Education By Becca Bacon Martin
bullet Serving special-needs students through inclusion - Your Nation and You by Stephen Winslow
bullet Schools Accused of Criminalizing Disability Discipline leading to lawsuits By Harvey Rice
bullet School board meeting erupts into brouhaha Thaw, Raglin shout at each other over lawsuit settlement by Jan Boyles
bullet School Failures, Adult Successes: The Negative Behaviors of Children with  Severe Learning Disabilities That Often Turn  Into Positive Attributes in Adulthood by Sally L. Smith, Founder/Director of the Lab School in Washington
bullet School to pilot autistic program - Two mothers of autistic children were the driving force behind the creation of a metrowide education program at St. Louise de Marillac School in Arabi, the Archdiocese of New Orleans announced Thursday by Sandra Barbier
bullet Schools anxious over special education program - "County supervisors could find themselves surrounded by angry educators Tuesday because the board does not want to pay for an expensive special education program for mentally ill and emotionally disturbed children," by
bullet School gives alternatives to children - "...Families from REED, including the Singers, will be on hand to raise awareness about autism.  School officials estimate half their students will leave REED to attend a regular school.  The other half can stay at the REED Academy until they are 21. The goal is to help those students find a job and earn a paycheck," by
bullet Schools in Which All Kinds of Minds Can Grow in All Kinds of Good Ways by Dr. Mel Levine
bullet Schools set donation rules - Adopted without fanfare in December, a new Bend-La Pine School District regulation makes it possible for parents and.orgmunity members to help pay for teachers at their local school. In theory, a father frustrated by large class sizes at his daughter's elementary school could write a check to fund a new teacher. Those dollars will be funneled to the district through the Education Foundation for the Bend-La Pine School District, a nonprofit, which is attempting to raise $100,000 for teachers in the next year, by Julia Lyon
bullet Schools Shouldn't Play Doctor - "The Department of Health and Human Services will announce this fall a plan to improve access to mental health services. The initiative follows the release last year of a report.orgmissioned by President George W. Bush r.orgmending that "schools should . . . play a larger role in mental health care for children," screening public schoolchildren for mental illness (with parental consent) and providing counseling and referral services," by Michael F. Cannon and Marie Gryphon
bullet Shaken and stirred - "... Beginning school - Anaya Grushkin started kindergarten at the popular and prestigious Brighton public school last year as a happy child, after two successful years of preschooling at the Temple Israel's Frances Jacobson Early Childhood Center in Boston, according to parents Barry Grushkin and June Loeffler. They were very concerned about choosing a new school because Anaya has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. This meant that Anaya had developmental and sensory disorders that affected her thinking, feeling, language and the ability to relate to others...  By Auditi Guha
bullet Slower pace helps some thrive - "Joey is one of nearly 3 million children in the United States with a learning disability. In Montgomery County he is one of more than 4,000 children -- 16 percent of the local student population -- in need of a special education," by
bullet Social Camp - "Liam has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism in which a child functions at a high level. He loves his teachers, reads incessantly and performs well in math. But making friends is hard, so he is often lonely at his school and seldom talks about his classmates, his father said," by Arielle Becker
bullet Software firm unveils game to help youngsters do math - "Commander Benchmark and the Super Learners" is the latest project of fast-growing Lunar Logic LLC, a Eugene-based software.orgpany owned by Arden and her husband, Mark Lipson.  ...Read more.
bullet Some Useful Educational Interventions for Students with Asperger Syndrome by Dania Jekel, MSW
bullet Special Education as an Alternative Treatment Method for Patients with Autism/Asperger Syndrome within Forensic Psychiatry by Eve Mandre, Doctoral student, Certec, Department of Design Sciences, Lund University
bullet Special ed limits - Schools can't afford open-ended demands / Opinion
bullet Special ed students drum to a different beat by Jenifer Collins
bullet Special education teacher accused of sex abuse - A special education teacher at a Belen Elementary school is behind bars, charged with sexually abusing a student, and police say the child has indicated there are more victims. Detectives are looking into the possibility that 38-year-old Michael Jaramillo may have targeted multiple children at Central Elementary School in Belen by KRQE News 1
bullet Special Needs Child? Yes, You CAN Homeschool! - The Summer 2005 issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine features a twenty-two page expanded Resource Room focusing on special education. - With the exponential growth of homeschooling around the world, more parents of children with special learning needs are choosing to provide home-based instruction. Parents are discovering that homeschooling allows them to provide their child with a.orgpletely individualized education that caters to their physical or intellectual needs, allows plenty of time for hands on learning, life skills instruction, and offers the child the opportunity to thrive. While some children are effectively mainstreamed into the public schools, others don’t fare so well. Organizations around the world are now offering conventions, support and resources parents and professionals who work with special needs children. The staff of The Old Schoolhouse is.orgmitted to bringing those vital resources to homeschooling parents.Distribution Source : ArriveNet
bullet Special needs, separate means - As schools move more students with disabilities into regular classrooms, parents are divided about where their children would best be able to learn by the Oregonian
bullet Special needs, separate means: Zach's story - The teen, after years of struggle in regular classes, makes strides in a Portland school for those with more challenging disabilities by the Oregonian
bullet Special needs students make the grade - "Special education students have many things to ove.orge. Sometimes it is a learning disability. Sometimes it is a physical disability. When they do well in school despite their special needs, it is a testament to the teachers and the students themselves who have worked hard to succeed," by Michelle Newbanks
bullet State calling for No Child changes / Rules for special ed, bilingual students should be relaxed, schools chief says - The federal government should change the way it tests special education and bilingual students, said interim state superintendent of schools Randy Dunn on Wednesday, as standardized test results for local schools were made public, by Kati Phillips
bullet Student 'pros' perform in Sayre at District 8 concert - "...Christopher Simmons has Asperger's Syndrome, a type of high-functioning autism, his father said. Christopher Simmons "loved it," said his mother, Nora. "He had a great time. They seem to be a nice batch of kids." Parent Sally Orwig of Selingsgrove, said, "I think it's really great to have something like this to honor kids who worked really hard in music, not just in sports."
bullet Student takes Jefferson to heart, Washington, D.C.  by Andrea Lorenz
bullet Student volunteers help 4-year-old break down walls of autism by Arizona Republic
bullet Sun Classroom champion - "...Not only is Chilton a teacher, she is the kind of teacher you seldom find—one with a heart as big as her smile and who always makes time for her students inside and outside of the classroom. For the last five years Chilton has been the special education teacher at Kohfeldt Elementary. She quickly forms attachments with her students, and her devotion is not fleeting," by Rachael Hunter
bullet Supporting Students with Asperger’s Syndrome in General Education by Joan S. Safran
bullet Surviving Middle School by Elizabeth Lewandowski
bullet Surviving School and What to Do If You Can't by Dan Grover
bullet Sweeney: School for autism.orging - Construction of a school for students with autism and other.orgplex disabilities from pre-school up to age 21 is expected to begin later this year on the campus of Gloucester County College, Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney announced Friday, by Matthew Ralph
bullet Taking the SAT by Alex Plank
bullet Table quiz for autism school to set world record - Galway is to set a new world record later this month when the world's largest ever multi-venue table quiz is held in nearly 40 venues around the city and county.The massive quiz, which will see questions broadcast live on Galway Bay FM, will put Galway in the Guinness Book of Records and raise much-needed funds for the Ábalta school for children with autism.The record attempt is the brainchild of staff at Nortel's Galway campus, and according to Nortel spokesman David Silke Galway is well on track to secure a world record from the event. By Una Sinnott
bullet Teacher charged with abusing autistic pupils - "A special education teacher in northeastern Pennsylvania was charged Tuesday with abusing autistic students too disabled to tell their parents why they were.orging home from school with bruises," by David B. Curuso
bullet Teachers look at plan for shake-up - Teachers in Coventry are to scrutinise the city council's plans to close or merge special schools. Parents and pupils could also be consulted over the plans which form a drive to get more pupils into mainstream schooling. The drive is aimed at pupils with physical or learning difficulties and mild to moderate autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. - UK
bullet Teacher of autistic kids searches for 'key' to unlock worlds By Pam Witmer
bullet Teacher of the Year guides autistic youth - A special education teacher at Yucca Mesa Elementary School has been named a San Bernardino County Teacher of the Year. Sharon Noble, who works with autistic children from kindergarten through sixth grade, was also YMES's teacher of the year for 2005. Amid the controlled chaos that is an autistic classroom, Noble and her five assistants demonstrate tremendous teamwork, presenting a variety of special teaching styles to a variety of special needs.
bullet Teachers as Drug Therapists? - Commentary from  The Monitor's View
bullet Teachers concerned how federal mandate affects disabled students by the Associated Press
bullet Teacher Questionnaire for SSI eligibility - Every three years or so SSI reviews the cases of people who receive SSI to make sure they are still eligible. For school aged children a questionnaire is sent to the school. Forms could also be sent to social workers, Doctors and therapists. Since the special education teacher at the time was brand new he mentioned to me that he had received the forms to.orgplete in regard to Nicholas. With the assistance of the Assistant Principal the forms were.orgpleted and returned directly to SSI. I requested a copy from the teacher and.orgpiled a list of some of the pertinent questions to help other parents know beforehand what will be required of the teachers. Quite often parents and teachers are at odds and not in agreement over issues pertaining to the IEP, Behavior Support Plans and other school related issues. To have a teacher influence such an important matter that should be personal to the family of the child on the Autism Spectrum is disturbing to me. By Bonnie Sayers
bullet 'Teachers suggested I was exaggerating' -"People with Asperger's syndrome are unusual, in that one sufferer can differ as much from another as from a non-sufferer. All have their own mannerisms and a variety of symptoms that make it difficult to diagnose. I speak extremely formally, and, as a result, am often referred to by my peers as "the human dictionary".
bullet Teachers' warning on special needs by News
bullet Teaching Independence - Kelle Schlueter's students sit on a striped rug, singing and clapping. "Good morning to my friends," she says. "It's gonna be a great day."  It's a typical elementary school scene, except only five students are in the classroom. Each child has an adult sitting with them, prompting the claps with gentle nudges or physically moving the child's arms. The students, ages 5-7, exhibit a wide range of demeanors, from quiet and disengaged to verbal and restless. Schlueter leads a.orgmunications disorders classroom in its first year at Monroe School. Four of her students have autism, and one has Fragile X syndrome, a mental impairment that can include autism. By Holly Wagner
bullet Teaching kids with ASD – It’s easier once you understand how they learn
bullet TEACHING WHAT MATTERS by Dan Coulter
bullet Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism by Temple Grandin, Ph.D.
bullet Teens to perform in glass slipper search - "Dale Mack, a 14-year-old Fairfield resident who has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism, said he is learning a lot about acting in his first summer with the.orgpany," by Michael Dinan
bullet Ten Tips for Helping Your Child with Asperger Syndrome Get Ready to Return to School by Diane Adreon, M.A., Associate Director / University of Miami Center for Autism & Related Disorders
bullet To Stretch Their Attention: UO professor's exercises show possibility of improving children's focus - Teachers may one day be able to train youngsters to pay better attention, and in a way they'll have space monkeys to thank for it.  But it was University of Oregon psychology professor Michael Posner who adapted exercises once used by NASA to train monkeys for space travel to show that young children can strengthen the attention centers of their brains. In recently published research with colleagues at Cornell University's medical school, he showed that attention improved after just a few training sessions. By Greg Bolt
bullet The Best Teacher Ever- "Think about the best teacher you ever had.  It’s an u.orgmon pleasure to remember someone who believed in you before you were sure you were worth believing in," by Dan Coulter
bullet The Davidson Institute for Talent Development offers a series of articles on educational issues - such as Ability Grouping; Acceleration, Home Schooling, Tips for Teachers and Twice Exceptional

The high cost of life skills - "...To most people, this is a kid doing a simple chore. To special education teachers at Willow Dale Elementary in Warminster, it proves this child, and a growing number of others like him with Autism Spectrum Disorders, can be coaxed out of their private worlds using the right educational strategies. They are methods that save taxpayers money in the long run, advocates say," by JO CIAVAGLIA AND MARION CALLAHAN

bullet The key to his future Thanks to early intervention, autistic child's growth holds greater promise  by Lisa Palmer
bullet The Myth of the Special Education Burden
bullet The one-room schoolhouse is reorganized - For Renee and Jason Bomers' three children, Timothy, 7, Meredith, 5, and Jonathan, 3, their school is as close as their basement -- a finished room.orgplete with bookshelves, organized tubs for supplies, an ample work table, and a sunny daylight window for living science projects to sprout and grow. "Everything in here has a purpose," said Renee Bomers, of Hudsonville, pointing to the colorful plasticized maps that decorate the walls to the labled bins and wooden shelving. "It's instant order, but it's all accessible, with everything in its place.," by Cathy Carrier
bullet The Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit teacher charged Tuesday with abusing autistic students was properly trained and qualified to teach them, said Executive Director Fred Rosetti, Ed.D - "She's properly licensed for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," he said of Susan Comerford Wzorek, 54, of Clarks Summit. She faces two counts of child endangerment for allegedly mistreating 6- to 12-year-old students in her class at Clarks Summit Elementary School from Sept. 2001 to June 2003," by Lauren Roth
bullet The pathways of maths ways by Dr. Mel Levine
bullet The really nutty professor -Remember that crazy professor you had at college — you know, the guy who could calculate to three decimal points in his head but had problems matching his own socks? There's one on every campus; often more than one. Certainly the stereotype of the nutty professor is grounded in real life. Think of Einstein with his crazy hair, or John Nash, the tormented mathematician portrayed by Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind." Eccentric characters seem particularly.orgmon in those departments known for the more abstract realms of thought, such as mathematics, physics or, most often, philosophy, the field of notorious oddballs such as Ludwig Wittgenstein, Friedrich Nietzsche and Bertrand Russell. It has been observed that the more prodigious the intellect, the more it can.orgpromise other aspects of the personality, such as self-awareness and social grace.  By Mikita Brottman
bullet The Role of the Teacher's Aide by Anonymous
bullet 'THERE MUST BE A SCHOOL FOR DAVID SOMEWHERE' - "...David suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), which affects behaviour. Sufferers have a short attention span and can be disruptive and aggressive," by LYNDSAY EMMETT
bullet Things to Remember when Bringing your Child Home for Holidays, School Vacations, and Weekend Visits from Residential or Group Home Care - Produced by Parents for Residential Reform, a project of the Federation for Children with Special Needs
bullet Thinking about College by Lars Perner, Ph.D.
bullet Tips for Teaching High Functioning Children with Autism by Moreno and O'Neal
bullet Tuition at autism schools is expensive by Mike Harris
bullet Understanding the Student With Asperger Syndrome:  Guidelines for Teachers by Karen Williams
bullet Unlocking everyone's potential - Children with special needs are increasingly being integrated into mainstream schools by Kate Hilpern
bullet Wealthy School Systems More Likely to Spot Autism - Children with signs of autism are more likely to be diagnosed with the disorder in wealthier school districts, results of a new study show.  For some reason school districts with more resources have the ability to capture a greater percentage of autistic kids that are residing in their districts," study author Dr. Raymond F. Palmer, of the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, told Reuters Health.  In light of this finding, "it is important to consider providing resources to poorer districts and economically disadvantaged.orgmunities to help them identify children with ASDs (autistic spectrum disorders) and other developmental delays that require attention," write Palmer and his colleagues in the American Journal of Public Health, by Reuters Health
bullet What's It All About?: Helping Students with Asperger's Make Sense of Recess by Dot Lucci
bullet When Reading Revelations Isn't Enough - "...Then later in the show there was a segment about autism in children mentioning that there are 450,000 cases now in this country. The guests were an autism specialist and a mother of an autistic child. Kasich was quite interested in the issue so why didn't he ask, why there is such an increase of autism in this country. Instead he asked if more money could fix the problem, hinting that lawmakers lack sensitivity to the problem. Although true, there is the major issue of how pollutants are a major cause of this epidemic, by News Hound
bullet Workshop Teaches Simple Movement Techniques That Switch on Learning by eMediaWire
bullet You've Just Been Told It's Called Autism, Now What Do You Do? - What I Would Do If I Were a Parent of An Autistic Child: R.orgmendations Based on 25 Years of Research Experience.  Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.


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