bullet 12-year-old is Millers' No. 1 fan - "...Ben's affair with the Millers started when he was about 6 years old. He was born with Asperger's Disorder, a condition similar to autism. Until he found the Millers, he rarely.orgmunicated well with others. Now, the Millers have been his world for seven seasons, and they have entered it willingly. Team members give him gifts and some have attended Ben's birthday parties. A 12-year-old sixth-grader, he also has been to some of their parties. People with Asperger's Disorder often find it difficult to express appropriate emotional reactions to various situations. In Ben's case, he cried when the team lost a semi-state; Beth said it meant a lot because it was the first time he showed sadness in an appropriate situation. By Bob Hansen
bullet An Impression of Autism from a kid on the Autism Spectrum - As the single parent to two boys on the Autism Spectrum I started out by teaching Nicholas, the older son who happens to be higher functioning, about autism. Since Matthew is non-verbal we started with books that depict children with similar behavior and.orgmunication issues as Matthew. The idea was to help Nicholas deal with being the sibling to someone with autism, before even tackling the issue that he too is on the Autism Spectrum. I wanted him to be able to share his frustrations about his brother and open up about what might embarrass him when on school grounds with his brother or out in public places. By Bonnie Sayers
bullet And a child shall lead / Boy's autism.orgpels mother to find way into his world, then help others  - Imagine if you spoke to your child every morning, and he or she acted as if you weren't there. Imagine if you placed a hand on your child's shoulder, and he or she began to scream and flail uncontrollably as if you'd hit the child.  Imagine waking up one morning, only to realize that your child has changed into a different person virtually overnight. This is the reality of parents who have a child with autism, a developmental disability that often impairs social and.orgmunication skills. This was the reality of Sequoyah Hills resident Mary Donnet Johnson; her son Pace was diagnosed when he was 21/2. Determined not to let the disorder define the life of her son, husband Rick and daughter .geable individuals, and a lot of trial and error, she was not only able to put Pace in a regular classroom, but help him to b.orge a prized member of his school.orgmunity. By Angela Patterson
bullet Autistic children make beautiful art - In Israel today, estimates are there are 4,000 autistic people; 250 children diagnosed with autistic disorder every year ALUT seeks to help, advocate for them.  A few years ago, just after sunset in the small village where I live, we heard some crying outside. As we went out we saw everybody crying and looking for a small child who was missing.  Finally, just before midnight, we found him walking around in the play garden, not so far away from his home, minding his own business, and unaware of the drama surrounding him. People said that the boy suffered from autism, which was the reason he didn’t respond to our calls. By Rebecca Yaacov  A while ago, I came across a beautiful calendar produced by ALUT (Israeli Society for Autistic Children) printed with spectacular drawings that drew my attention. As the owner of a.orgpany whose main goal is to promote Israeli artists and art by distributing their unique items worldwide, I wondered who the painters were...
bullet Animal therapy boosts kids' health and hope - Throughout South Florida and around the world, various forms of animal therapy are used as a means to help children ove.orge physical, emotional and learning challenges. Dolphins, horses, dogs, cats and even a few farm animals pitch in at programs from Loxahatchee to the Keys to make life a little easier and more enjoyable for kids with major illnesses, special needs, or even stage fright.  By Beverly Barna
bullet AUTISTIC GIRL IS REFUSED TREATMENT - An autistic girl from Hailsham has been refused psychiatric treatment because of her disability.  The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services team (CAMHS) says it cannot treat the 14-year-old girl because of her autism as it does not have provision for children with learning difficulties. One doctor even told the girl's mother that he 'wouldn't touch her with a barge pole'.  The girl suffers from bi-polar disorder and psychosis. She also has a rare condition related to the psychosis which makes her have psycogenic non-epiletic seizures. Her mother is appalled at the service and the way her daughter has been treated. She said, 'I have a sick child who needs treating and she isn't getting the help that she needs. 'The CAMHS team legally should not be able to refuse her treatment.'  CAMHS has told the girl's mother that it is unable to provide a service to autistic children as it doesn't feel qualified.  By Hailsham News
bullet Autism decision is turning point for autistic children in Northern Ireland - The decision to fund Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in Northern Ireland marks a turning point in the services available to families with autistic children in Northern Ireland, according to a University of Ulster behaviour analyst.Dr Keenan, of the University's School of Psychology, has been a driving force behind the development of ABA in Northern Ireland, we.orged the Murray family's victory in gaining funding for ABA treatment for their autistic son Paul, aged seven by
bullet Autistic boy, 2½, makes strides with Son-Rise method - "...Bayzil, who is autistic, notices things like that. He experiences the world differently than most people. The Son-Rise program, a form of therapy recently discovered by his mother, brings people into his world rather than forcing him into theirs. According to Moreau, it’s better for everybody. But Bayzil is the biggest winner," by Kathleen D. Bailey
bullet Autistic boy finds niche in robotics.orgpetition by
bullet Autistic girl saves family from fire - Among a thick layer of soot, a burned roof top and melted fragments of house decorations, is a hero and her family who are trying to put their lives back together after withstanding a devastating loss. A 19 year-old girl, living with autism, is defined by her mother as an angel; but to others she is labeled a hero.It was 10:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 22, 2004 and Meagan’s 12 year-old brother Jeremy had been asleep on the couch. Her father, Ted Davis had gone out earlier to feed the family dog Scruffy, a life long.orgpanion of Megan’s. As he put out his last cigarette for the night, his ashes flew into a nearby wastebasket igniting a flame, by  Jheri D. baggett
bullet Autistic children learning to get social - Few things have given Willie and Ivie Torres more satisfaction than watching their son, Michael, participate in services at their church. The autistic 12-year-old claps his hands along with other members of the congregation of the Three Rivers Assembly of God in Penn Hills and joins in with readings and song, all from the front row. He also participates in Sunday school. But not too many years ago, while the Torreses were in front of the congregation as worship leaders, Michael was in the back of the church with a kindly church member whose duty it was to keep the boy from disrupting the service.
bullet Autistic children to get a lifeline!  A new centre opens this week which will give a better chance in life to children with behavioural difficulties. SARA HORTON reports.  Most new parents have big dreams for their children's future. As they watch their newborn sleep they might imagine academic excellence, a glittering career, maybe even grandchildren. For some that dream falls apart as they gradually realise that their baby is different. Confronted by a child continually rocking in the corner, refusing to.orgmunicate with them or displaying worrying signs of hyperactivity, they don't know what to do. All too often the families of such children find there is nowhere to turn for advice and support, but a new society is planning to change that. The Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioural and Communication Difficulties is reaching out to families to give their youngsters a better start in life.
bullet Autistic children 'sacrificed' - The province has left parents of children with autism only broken promises and two unacceptable choices, said Cindy DeCarlo, one of the organizers Monday's emotional rally in Richmond Hill. "Families with children with autism in Ontario can either watch themselves go bankrupt or they can sit back and watch their child deteriorate," said the mother of three-year old Mitchell, diagnosed with autism at one. "Few people understand that with present government polices, approximately 700 children in this province are being sacrificed. There are no services for them."  / Canada
bullet Autistic Twins Beat the Odds - This Christmas will be a special one for two area twins. Adam and Amanda Wessel are eighth graders at Decatur Middle School. This week a holiday benefit will be held in their honor.Adam and Amanda have ove.orge many obstacles in their young lives. “I really didn't know anything was wrong after they got out of the hospital until they were about a year and a half and then started seeing them slide backwards and losing everything they had gained and that's when I was really worried,” said their mother, Karen Sanderson, by Shana Kelly
bullet Be cautious with quiet children - Dear Dr. Sue:  ...Is it such a bad thing that a child is quiet and shy in new surroundings? She talks to her little classmates on occasion, but rarely will answer a question asked by her teacher. She.orges home and tells me in detail all she has learned. After some goofy tests they gave her, they think she understands well but isn't able to answer. I feel like the school staff thinks we should push her to talk. Do you have any thoughts on this??  By Dr. Sue Abell
bullet Boy, 11, in critical condition after blaze - "...Nathan, who was rescued from the house, remained in critical condition Tuesday, suffering from burns, smoke inhalation and high levels of carbon monoxide in his bloodstream, officials said. Ron was treated and released from Palos Community Hospital for injuries he suffered when he was pulled from his bedroom window. "With autism, anything new or unexpected is a really major deal," family friend Mary Higinbotham of Homewood said. "Having to deal with this kind of trauma, I couldn't even imagine," by  Stephanie Gehring
bullet Boy saved from steep roof - A local mother is thanking safety officials for their quick reflexes in saving a young boy who climbed out onto the roof of his family's home in his underwear Thursday afternoon. Detective Jim Ward rescued the 7-year-old autistic tyke, who had ventured out onto the steep pitch of his home on Old Cart Path at about 4:35 p.m. Ward saw the boy running around in his bare feet and climbed up to the ledge to save him, by D. Craig MacCormack
bullet Boy with autism nearing Scouting's highest award - He's intensely embarrassed and has a difficult time talking about it, but Sam Dolim is about to.orgplete a charitable project to deliver books and school supplies to a remote school in Mexico.  The 17-year-old isn't just being humble about the.orgpletion of the ambitious project that will make him an Eagle Scout.  Sam was diagnosed in elementary school with a high-functioning form of autism.  "I view it not as a barrier," Sam said of his autism. "I don't know how to describe it," by the AP
bullet Breaking Through - Boy Sheds Light on Autism Mysteries - ABC, Good Morning America
bullet Children with autism shine under STAR - A smile. A hello. A hug for her brother.  Every day, 7-year-old Maisie Storm Donovan takes yet another step forward. For Melinda Donovan of Carlsbad, these events are anything but ordinary. They are affirmations that her daughter, who has autism, is stepping out of her shell, by Triveni Sheshadri
bullet Climbing brings out best in autistic children - Sweaty palms and nervousness are most peoples reaction to the thought of rock climbing. But to kids with autism, feeling gravity’s pull and the wall’s roughness is a relaxing sensation. View slideshow. Moving from one handhold to the next connects their mind and body like few activities can. "The kids seem to love it," said Lisa Hesselbrock, who began the monthly climbing class for autistic children at AZ on the Rocks last September. "Climbing is an addictive sport and lots of autistic kids crave the sensory input and
adrenaline rush it provides."
bullet Connecting with Your Child through DIR - The Developmental, Individual Difference,
bullet Discussions With A Ten-Year Old On The Autism Spectrum - Recently my son Nicholas, who is considered high functioning within the Autism Spectrum mentioned something to me that was fascinating. Just last weekend we were at the Mall making the rounds of a few favorite stores. One of them is the Discovery Channel Store, where we finally found the DVD for Alien Planet. The following day we had some errands to run and headed to Walgreens and then Rite Aid. While in the car I asked Nicholas what he was thinking about since he seemed to be far off in his own world. His response to me was that he was rewinding in his brain the scenes from the Alien Planet DVD. He then proceeded to tell me that his brain was like a video. My son is a visual thinker just like Temple Grandin mentioned in her book, Thinking in Pictures. Here is Chapter One from Thinking in Pictures. These are Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism by Temple Grandin. By Bonnie Sayers
bullet Empty Stocking: Woman's home, children need help - "...However, her children, ages 1, 2 and 4, concern her the most. The 4-year-old has been diagnosed with autism, and the middle child has severe behavioral problems. She worries about her children this Christmas - not only whether they will have an adequate roof over their heads, but winter clothing as well," by Cathy Lexa
bullet Explaining Autism to Children Just Got Easier - Many parents can tell you that it is very difficult to answer the.orgplex and often emotionally filled questions children pose about why their sister or brother -- or friend -- behaves a certain way. Marvie Ellis, a pediatric speech-language pathologist in Austin, Texas, saw a need to help families with this area of family connectedness and.orgmunication. In an unprecedented attempt as a first time author, she wrote two children's illustrated bilingual autism books with publisher, Speech Kids Texas Press, Inc. both receiving nominations for the 2006 Dolly Gray Children's Developmental Disabilities Literature Award. / Release
bullet Families of autistic kids deserve help - Canada's provincial governments are celebrating the news that they cannot and will not be forced to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars a year to treat autistic children. But while the provinces' relief is understandable, they have not been absolved of a serious social responsibility — not one bit. The Supreme Court of Canada merely told them what their legal obligations are, what the letter of the law says must happen, by the Toranto Star
bullet Giving a voice to children with autism - Cole Crowley is a 5-year-old boy who loves his Big Bear videos, but until recently the youngster couldn't.orgmunicate that joy.  Cole has autism and couldn't tell his parents he wanted to watch his bear friend. Instead, he got frustrated by the.orgmunication block and would often launch into tantrums.  "Everything seemed very frustrating for him," said Cole's mother, Sandy Crowley.  The Crowleys tried different.orgmunication methods, including a picture book. Cole would point to a picture to relay messages to his family, but the slowness of the process frustrated him, by Les Masterson
bullet Gordonville family seeks help for 2-year-old autistic son - Nicholas McAdams can't help but reach out and touch the twinkling lights on his family's Christmas tree. Like so many things in life, the soft glow of the bulbs calls out to the Gordonville 2-year-old, enticing him to explore. It's his will to explore -- from climbing on top of the kitchen stove to wandering out into a busy highway -- that has Nicholas' mother, Michelle McAdams, constantly on edge By Callie Clark
bullet Ideas on Autism: Building sensory.orgmunication with your child - Our children are giving us clues all the time; we just need to learn to read them! By opening our eyes to the world of sensory.orgmunication, it is hoped that this article has provided some ideas to help you and your child understand each other in new ways. Kerstin Potter MS OTR
bullet Jonathan, 8, making strides despite autism - Jonathan has made great strides this year.  The 8-year-old boy (Case J22) currently lives with his parents. Jonathan is autistic and attends a special education school, where he also receives help for his attention deficient disorder, by
bullet Logan left a powerful message to the.orgmunity - When Logan Mitcheltree was discovered missing Saturday afternoon, the South Williamsport.orgmunity and its neighbors joined together in a mission - to find Logan alive. Hundreds of volunteers.orgbed Logan’s neighborhood, the municipality and the hills surrounding it. In an age when we worry about prejudices toward people based on race, religion and handicaps, Logan’s autism did nothing to mute the effort of volunteers, police, fire and other emergency personnel. They searched everywhere for Logan on what may turn out to be among the three most bitterly cold days and nights of the next three months. When Logan’s lifeless body was found Tuesday, there was a collective feeling of anguish, frustration, failure and sadness.  All those emotions make sense. But during times of grief, when we all ask why something so tragic happens, it is helpful to look at the positive message beneath the surface, even if that message doesn’t entirely answer the question, byThe Sun-Gazette
bullet Man's best friend tackles autism  - Lawson Brady, 9, has autism. He has few social skills and often withdraws into his own world. A third-grader in a special-education class at River Road Elementary, he does little reading or writing at this time but is bright. Repetition and extreme order are a staple of his life. Change is normally not accepted well. The receiving of 2-year-old Cocoa is change cherished. Complete story in Tuesday's Ledger-Enquirer in print or online.
bullet Mom needs help with autistic child Video monitor will safeguard ... Christian Jordan was born on his due date and weighed 11 1/2 pounds. All four of Rhoda Chew's babies arrived big and healthy. Christian was talking in sentences at 10 months. But at 18 months, he seemed to be losing everything he had learned. Chew remembers being in line at a sporting goods store one morning. Christian wanted to tell her something. But the words wouldn't.orge. Instead, he bit down hard on the back of his hand by Joan Ryan
bullet Music unlocks doors for some autistic children / Making Music - Program: Music as Language for the Autistic Child Where: Northampton Community Music School When: Classes meet weekly, two at the music school, one at the Jackson Street Elementary School, Northampton For info: (413) 585-0001
bullet Multicultural Bilingual Children's Autism Books Excite Parents - Having an autistic child in the house is challenging enough, but many Hispanic families also lacked materials published in Spanish to help parents and children cope and understand autism. Marvie Ellis realized a multicultural solution was needed. The result is two acclaimed books in English and Spanish on the same page as the illustration, written by Ellis, a speech-language pathologist who works with autistic children. "The stories were written in Spanish because many of our young readers.orge from a Spanish-speaking background while also integrating English into their language," Ellis says. "I wanted both children and parents who are non- English readers to be able to have these books as resources as well." / Release
bullet Multimedia Product for Children with Autism Launched - As awareness of autism has increased, the role of parents and home-based therapy has gained importance. Yet for parents of the more than 1 million American children with autism, finding appropriate resources for home use is a struggle.  Launch into Learning is helping to fill that void with Max and Friends, a multimedia skill-building program for children with autism and related disabilities. The innovative package uses DVDs, story books and music to present proven therapy-based exercises in a fun, simple format for children with special learning needs.  Press Release
bullet New supports for children with autism now in place across Ontario - The McGuinty Government has implemented a wider range of new supports for families of children with autism, from a child'sfirst assessment, right through their school years, Minister of Children and Youth Services Dr. Marie Bountrogianni announced today. "We are moving from a system that focused on the most severe cases to one that is more universal," said Bountrogianni. "These new preschool and school-
based services are helping children and youth with autism gain skills and
confidence that lead to greater independence." Relationship-based Approach By Lori Jeanne Peloquin, Ph.D
bullet Nicholas' New Freind - Nicholas McAdams got his miracle. It came in the form of a sleepy-eyed ball of fur through a man with a soft heart for people like the 2-year-old autistic boy.  On Saturday, Nicholas' family was sweating out the details of raising the needed $9,800 for an assist dog. On Sunday, Mike Pind read about the McAdams' quest for a dog in the Southeast Missourian and showed up on their Gordonville doorstep shortly after, by Callie Clark
bullet No easy fix for kids with developmental disorders - Even after the establishment of a law that aims to provide support for people suffering from developmental disorders, treatment remains problematic due to a shortage of specialists in the field.  A House of Councillors plenary session has approved the law in a move that was we.orged by officials assisting those who suffer from such disorders as autism, asperger syndrome or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which is characterized by low concentration span and impulsive behavior. According to research by the Education, Science and Technology Ministry, ADHD could be the result of developmental problems as 6.3 percent of children suffer from the disorder by Medical News Today / Japan
bullet Nonprofit's program teaches kids how to get along with one another - A year and half ago, Susan's 12-year-old son would likely.orge home from school in tears if another student made fun of his glasses.  "He's the kind of kid that feels things deeply," said the San Mateo resident, who did not want her last name used or her son's name.  But these days, he doesn't give the mean kids the time of day.  Susan credits her son's transformation to socialization groups at the Family Service Agency of San Mateo County, a private nonprofit that provides families with counseling, child abuse treatment and early education by T.S. Mills-Faraudo
bullet Nonverbal, autistic children's ability to.orgmunicate stuns stuns parents, experts - Like any inquisitive 9-year-old, Tyler Cain has a lot on his mind. He's curious about God, interested in politics, loves to swim and likes Tiger Woods.  But until last year, no one knew.  Tyler doesn't talk. At age 3, he was diagnosed with autism, a neurological disorder that inhibits the ability to.orgmunicate, respond to surroundings and relate to others. About half of those with autism never speak, by Sandy Cohen
bullet One Boy's Journey Out of Autism's Grasp - "...James has autism. He is one of 150,000 or more American children classified in the last decade as having the once-rare disorder, including 25,000 in 2003. Half a century ago, polio epidemics left perhaps 5,000 children a year with some degree of disability, and the sight of children stricken overnight galvanized the nation. But autism's arrival, and the response to it, has not been so dramatic, by John O'Neil
bullet PROMISING FUTURE / With a successful autism program in place, parents fear having their children removed if they don't show progress - SPECIAL REPORT: EDUCATING AUTISTIC CHILDREN.  Parents pour their hopes and San Joaquin County educators pour thousands of dollars every year into applied behavior analysis, an intensive therapy for autistic children that is widely regarded as one of the most promising treatments for the neurological disorder.
bullet Red Light on Green Cards -  I have a son who has a type of autism similar to Chris Takaishi's and who has a similar history [Metro, Dec. 26]. He was born in a country where his illness was not recognized and where rehabilitation services were lacking. My son is lucky: Because he was born to me, an American citizen, he can remain in this country.  Mr. Takaishi is being forced to return to a country where he will have a difficult time. He doesn't read or write Japanese, and he has no social support group. He has no job and probably has little chance of getting one, given his lack of language skills, by the Washington Post - Letter to the Editor
bullet Report on Effective Autism Treatment - Adams & Steward
bullet Revenge of the Nerds  - It was hard to believe that that the words were.orging from a seven-year-old boy.  "Another characteristic of mammals is that they give placental births," he said, "Oh, except marsupials like kangaroos and koala bears." Changing gears slightly he continued, "And then there are animals with endoskeletons and exoskeletons. Humans, because they have bones on the inside of their bodies have endoskeletons, but insects have exoskeletons on the outside." With a vocabulary more closely resembling that of someone in grade nine, he chimed off the bits of scientific trivia as if he were directly linked to WikipediaOnce outcasts, some autistics now see their condition as a cognitive gift and even the next stage in human evolution—at the dawn of the transhuman age, who's to say they're wrong? By George Dvorsky
bullet Shutdowns and Stress in Autism - What is a shutdown? A shutdown is a particular sequence of behavior which we observed in a child diagnosed as high-functioning within the autistic spectrum. In academic settings when pressured by an adult to perform tasks that were difficult, she became unresponsive, sleepy, immobile, and limp to the touch for several minutes, and then fell asleep in a chair for as briefly as 10 min. and up to 2 hours. These “shutdown” (SD) states were always triggered by social stress of a certain kind and they became more severe and frequent over a period of about a year. Do shutdowns worsen the symptoms of autism ?  By Ingrid M. Loos Miller and Hendricus G. Loos - This article is written for parents.  - 9/2004
bullet Shutdown States and Stress Instability in Autism  by Ingrid M. Loos Miller and Hendricus G. Loos - This is a  scientific version of the paper and provides a detailed discussion of the physiological basis and mechanisms involved.  - 9/2004
bullet Special needs Boy Scout group forming in boro - Most parents want to give their kids the world, and Kristina Bradley of Aberdeen is no different. Bradley wanted to enroll her 7-year-old son in the Boy Scouts, but was reluctant due to minor behavioral problems caused by autism. So, Bradley decided to look into a special needs group so her son could participate. “My son is autistic, and I couldn’t find a group that I thought he and I would be.orgfortable in,” Bradley said, by Michelle Rosenberg
bullet Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm / South Florida Parenting
bullet Weis grants dying wish - Charlie Weis doesn't usually let anyone else call plays on offense. He made an exception for 10-year-old Montana Mazurkiewicz. The Notre Dame coach met last week with Montana, who had been told by doctors weeks earlier that there was nothing more they could do to stop the spread of his inoperable brain tumor.     "He was a big Notre Dame fan in general, but football especially," said his mother, Cathy Mazurkiewicz.     Weis showed up at the Mazurkiewicz home in Mishawaka, just east of South Bend, and talked with Montana about his tumor and about Weis' 10-year-old daughter, Hannah, who has global development delay, a rare disorder similar to autism.  By Tom Coyne
bullet When a gift can be hurtful - What child doesn't enjoy opening a gift-wrapped package on Christmas morning? Sadly, this isn't a rhetorical question. For many children with autism, opening a gift package is as much fun as a stiff slap. And even those who can appreciate a present aren't keen about the noise and.orgmotion of a typical holiday get-together, by Bryon Spice
bullet Yoga May Help Kids With Autism, ADD - Yoga may be a a simple way to help kids, especially children with autism or attention deficit disorder, focus. It's a unique approach, but it makes a lot of sense, NBC4's Dr. Bruce Hensel reported. Yoga helps kids with and without learning disabilities, Hensel reported. It helps them physically and emotionally as well. A very special yoga class is held at John Muir Elementary School in Santa Monica.


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